Being a painter

Jul 3, 2019 | Blog

Being a painter for me is about constantly exploring, responding to the present and the past, and expanding my practise.

It seems that at present I have 3 distinct approaches: Expressive movement inspired abstracts, large female subject based gestural paintings and detailed precise small technique orientated works again with the female as the subject. This isn’t contrived but just intuitive, next week I could have 6 or 7 approaches: I don’t want to restrict my work by pigeon hole-ing it.

Life interests me and the past fascinates me. I am always watching and absorbing via sketchbooks, notes and logging moments in my head library; recall of past events and sensations combine with themes to inform what and how I paint. I am a living sponge of art.

I see the human form in landscape, we are part of it, we are it.