I seem to return time and time again to flight. On deeper reflection this series is my interpretation on life’s journey. our fallibility – to fall, and our potential to rise above ourselves and literally fly.

I have always envied that ability of our feathered friends to fly, to circle, to soar: to so easily change their perspective of the world, take it all in, and grasp it. I want to give visual comment on my world, and whilst being firmly attached to the ground I sometimes think my perspective is limited; maybe that urges me to paint women airborne- trying to understand. I love the dichotomy “are they flying or falling”, which stage are they in and if falling will they recover their wings and soar?

The story of Icarus flying too close to the sun has always fascinated me and will continue to be explored. The saying “If you don’t try you’ll never know” captures the essence of this intrepid/ fool hardy endeavour – that is the story of our lives isn’t it?

The piece “Icarus’s mother” kept challenging me and originated as a night vision. Clearly it isn’t now after reworking. I was intrigued by the mother’s reaction to Icarus’s plight, and have played with this theme on and off over the years. Flying female forms that aren’t angels are recurring subjects in my body of work.

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