Moving on - The Moment Part 3 image

Photo by Max Aylmer

Cheryl Perrett is an artist living in Gloucestershire. Having studied Fine Art and the History of Art, she is fascinated with the past and explores social and feminist themes in her artwork.

I revel in the process of creating: physically wrestling with stretchers and canvas constantly questioning my methods; unpicking and rebuilding my doing. 

My intention is for the work to resonate and stand with meaning for others.

Cheryl Perrett


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Silent Auction for Ukraine

2022, another year as part of Stroud Open Studios. A year where families were split up and displaced from their homes and communities in Ukraine. I decided to...

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Spring 2021

Spring 2021

Looking back at past work often causes a new response; looking at this image I am imbued with the feeling of hope of Spring; a peaceful, restful figure...

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Trailer for Breathing the Line

“…we began with no sound but ‘the breath’: taking in, letting go, and resting. Volume grew out of line. Movement and gesture became fixed in paint.”