Sketchbooks: The Dream Series

Published: 03 June, 2017

Sketchbooks are my camera on the world out there and the world in me.

I can make a line, engage with thoughts and ideas through them and develop at a later stage.

This sketch fits into my theme of “a change in conversation” The Dream Series. The image was done on a train journey, as I observed those around me; all at different stages of life trying to balance the external demands of life with their essence/ their individuality.

If we can find the way to unravel a bit of us I think we discover ourselves.

In the final painting, I needed to create a connection between the figure, the sky and the earth. The bandages of the sketch became less obvious, but I retain the movement, the whirl/swirl of life.

The colours are quite restricted, the lines are important. There is a resemblance to the artist, and that just is. I think the gaze is outward and searching and challenges the onlooker.Is she comfortable in her own skin?