A collaboration with Marie Louise Flexen

Myself and dance artist Marie Louise Flexen have collaborated on many pieces exploring movement this year, with a recent performance as part of the Stroud Open Studios.  We carried out several enquiries into the creative language we explore in dance and art. In one piece we explore line and enter into each other’s spaces. The connection is exciting. A video will be coming shortly.


International Dance Day Message

International Dance Day Message 2017 by Trisha Brown:

“I became a dancer because of my desire to fly. The transcendence of gravity was always something that moved me. There is no secret meaning in my dances. They are a spiritual exercise in a physical form.

Dance communicates and expands the universal language of communication, giving birth to joy, beauty and the advancement of human knowledge. Dance is about creativity…again and again…in the thinking, in the making, in the doing, and in the performing. Our bodies are a tool for expression and not a medium for representation. This notion liberates our creativity, which is the essential lesson and gift of art-making.

The life of an artist does not end with age, as some critics believe. Dance is made of people, people and ideas. As an audience, you can take the creative impulse home with you and apply it to your daily life.”