Artist Information

I am an artist because I need to be. It’s a vocation that allows the communication of “my take” on contemporary society and all that brings with it.

I work alone at my easels from my studio in Stroud,  but never in isolation. As a woman artist, I find grounding, security and inspiration being part of the tradition of women oil painters specifically. This is a key aspect that is constantly present as I pull paint around the canvas.
My context is challenging and fulfilling.

My work should resonate on different levels, and for some, my telling will be relevant. With resonance comes feeling, that which makes us human and links us to honesty. I paint ‘honest beauty’ not “pretty” or necessarily pleasing; that is authentic and real.

Growing as an artist is my process; I desire to “untangle” and ‘still”. The actual process is one of creation and destruction; this is rewarding and valuable for bettering and evolving my practise.


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